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Zen Donkeys & Planetary Minds: Bridging Mental & Planetary Health

Past event - 2024
14 May 19:00-22:00
Stadsbrouwerij Maastricht, Oeverwal 12, 6221 EN, Maastricht
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From donkey therapy to climate change's mental toll, during this talk we navigate diverse realms, probing the therapeutic potential of animals and unraveling the intricate link between planetary health and mental well-being.

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Mind the Donkeys

Brigitte Wijnen (Speaker)
Motivation - or the lack of motivation - is an important emotion in mental health problems. Especially people with burnout suffer from decreased motivation, probably linked to a depleted dopamine buffer. Can animals change the motivational behavior of the patient when they are integrated in therapies? And on the other hand…., does the motivation of the included animals influence the results of the patient? Do they benefit too?

After a career as a management consultant in health care, Brigitte Wijnen decided to switch back to her first love: animals. At present owner of a donkey therapy farm. As a PhD student involved in scientific research on the effects of Donkey Assisted Mindfulness for people with burnout.

Mind the Planet

Martine Veenman (Speaker)
Climate change is affecting life on Earth and adaptation is necessary in order to safeguard a healthy future. Recently, the effects of climate change on our health are being studied more and more. However, the effects on our mental health are not explored much yet, while this topic has so much potential: to better understand how our mental health is related to the health of our planet, the better we can cope with the changing climate and take care of our planet.

Martine Veenman is PhD Candidate in Planetary Health at Maastricht University, exploring the impact of climate change on health, agriculture, and biodiversity, particularly in rural Netherlands. Martine's passion for education and mental health advocacy adds depth to her insights.
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