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Food for Thought : The Future of Personalized Nutrition

Past event - 2024
15 May 19:00-22:00
Eetcafe de Preuverij, Kakeberg 6, 6211 KN, Maastricht
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The Personalized Nutrition Revolution

Prof. Dr. Theo de Kok (Full Professor Population-based Toxicogenomics)
Theo de Kok is a Toxicologist who is investigating the impact of human exposures to health and disease. He is aiming to improve our understanding of how natural ingredients in the diet may contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases and how we can apply this knowledge to improve food products ultimately leading to the reduction of the overall burden of disease. In his talk he will explain how new technologies in biomedical research can help us to explain why some people respond differently to dietary ingredients than others. Would it be possible to predict what foods would be best for you? During the presentation you will find out how personalized nutrition will revolutionize the way we look at our diet.

The MiBlend study: Tailoring Food for Health

Dr. Simone van Breda (Assistant Professor at the Department of Toxicogenomics)
Dr. Simone van Breda is a nutritional toxicologist and has worked for over 20 years in nutrition research. Her main aim is to unravel the complex relationship between nutritional exposure, disease prevention and health promotion with an emphasis on the impact of personalized characteristics such as age, sex, and genetic makeup. In this presentation, a sneak preview will be given in the results of the recently finalized MiBlend study, which investigated the effect of different fruit and vegetable mixtures on prevention of cancer and cardiovascular risk, in subgroups of humans with different genetic backgrounds.

Food for health: you only live once

Raymond Nolet (Founder and Executive partner, CEO of MiFood B.V. )
Raymond Nolet is CEO and founder of MiFood in Venlo. His entire career has been related to nutrition, both animal and vegetable related. On the animal side, he has seen what nutrition does to well-being, longevity and performance. That is why he always had the ambition to use various fruits and vegetables as resistance-enhancing raw materials for a healthier life. In his talk he will explain how MiFood is producing healthy foods and how the positive health effects are demonstrated in consumers. Consumers who want to live and eat healthier can turn to MiFood for advice and products. He will let you experience how the results of the research have been translated into consumer practice.
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