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Questions that move Science - What and Why?

Past event - 2024
13 May 19h15-21h15
Cafe Ons Thuis, Heidebloemstraat 7, 6533 SL, Nijmegen
Sold Out!

What to do when 'AI takes over the world'?

Lotte van Elteren (Lecturer at Radboud University)
Science-fiction films make us believe that AI taking over the world is a problem in our future. I however argue that we are already in the middle of this revolution. Android robots may not walk among us, but we let AI make important decisions about our lives and governments every day. We should not fear AIs getting too intelligent in the future, but rather AIs that are too stupid already deciding over our lives. So what do we do now?

Flash talk I - Who's talking to whom?

Orhun Uluşahin (PhD Candidate at Max Planck Institute)
When everyone sounds so different, understanding others depends on knowing who’s talking. For every talker we know, we put on different ears. But what about “different mouths?” Do we also talk to everyone differently? Join me in uncovering how our brains listen and talk to everyone on an individual basis.

Flash Talk II - What does my phone know about my mental health?

Loran Knol (PhD Candidate at Donders Institute)
Aimlessly scrolling on Instagram, watching videos in bed, or rewriting the same text message four times. We have our phones with us all the time, and they can tell us more about ourselves than you might think. Visit my talk if you want to know more!

What would happen to our microbial hitchhikers if humans travel to Mars?

Özlem Bulut (Postdoctoral Researcher at RadboudUMC)
As humanity dreams of exploring or even settling on Mars, we're faced with a big question: What will happen to the trillions of bacteria living on and inside us once we’re there? We explore the survival, adaptation, and impact of different bacteria in the Martian environment. Dive into this fascinating but often overlooked aspect of space travel and what it might mean for our health and safety as we boldly go where no one has ever gone before.

Why are we relying on animal testing to keep us safe?

Love Hansell (PhD Researcher at Radboud University)
Millions of animals are used each year in testing in the name of keeping us safe from harmful substances. For decades a system has been built on this premise. But despite mounting scientific evidence that this assumption is flawed, the growing need to assess more and more products like chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and the rapid development of alternatives to animal testing the transition away from animal testing is painfully slow. The cost is in millions of animals lives, and in helping us live with more risky products everyday.
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